Our story

Established in 2006, Optimal Medics is a trusted European corporation providing over eight multi-national brands which fall under the sectors of health, baby, cosmetics and dentistry.

Dr. Zahi Taher, Chief Executive Officer, first began this journey in an attempt to offer the basic needs of mothers and babies. But as time flew by, Optimal medics grew stronger and thus developed a solid base of clients due to its unmatched level of commitment, contentment, integrity, reliability and diversity to satisfy all needs.

After 16 years of experience, Optimal medics has earned its recognition in the medical supplies field and managed to ingrain its existence in over 10,000 pharmacies worldwide. It has become the ultimate destination for health and baby care products.

Our brands are, but not limited to: Optimal Health Care Products, Optimal Baby Care Products, Pregnatest, Cleo-dent, Viel ‘Beyond Beauty’, The Body Set, ACTISAFE and Sniper. All these products are handled, packaged and delivered with extreme caution and punctuality.

With Optimal Medics, you will find everything you need and more!

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We offer the opportunity to purchase top quality at affordable prices.

Bottles and other baby accessories are made of plastic, silicone, glass, or stainless steel. They each normally range in price and durability. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your bottle of choice is BPA-free. Also, make sure you check the grade of plastic you’re using so it can be compatible with heat and sterilizing. 

At Optimal Medics, we never compensate when it comes to quality and safety. Our products are manufactured according to FDA standards and undergo a vicious cycle of testing before delivery. They’re strictly made from materials free of toxins such as BPA, Paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol.

Let’s make a safer & better living for our children together! 

Award winning category

We proudly call ourselves “The Baby Whisperers”!

Shedding the light on our top selling category – Optimal’s Baby Care – which constitutes of 10 superb sections involving enhanced products to accompany a baby’s needs from the day he/she is born up till the age of 3.

Among these products: Mamilla Bottles, Silicone Nose Cleaners, Back-to-School Cups and Double Motor Electric Breast Pumps.

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